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Dive into the Future: Careers at Octobotics Tech

At Octobotics Tech, we aren't building robots, we're building a revolution. We're pushing the boundaries of underwater autonomy and exploration, and we're looking for passionate, driven individuals to joinus on this incredible journey.

A career unlike any other

Forget the monotony of your average office job. Here, you'll be designing and developing technology that will one day redefine underwater research, inspection, and even conservation. Your work will have a **tangible impact**, not just on a company's bottom line, but on the very health of our oceans and the knowledge we have of them.

But that's not all

Be a Pioneer


We're not afraid to break the mold. We embrace innovation and encourage you to do the same. This is your chance to be at the forefront of a rapidly evolving field and leave your mark on the future of underwater robotics.

A Collaborative Playground

We're a tight-knit team of **dreamers and doers**, united by a shared passion for exploration and problem-solving. We work together, we learn from each other, and we celebrate each other's successes. 

Challenges that Inspire

We don't shy away from tough problems. In fact, we thrive on them. Here, you'll face cutting-edge challenges that will push your limits and force you to think outside the box. But with every hurdle overcome, the satisfaction of making a real difference is all the sweeter.

Join the Octobotics Team, and

Work on bleeding-edge technology

From advanced algorithms to cutting-edge hardware, you'll be on the front lines of underwater robotics innovation.

Collaborate with brilliant minds

Learn from and be inspired by a team of world-class engineers, scientists, and visionaries.

Make a real impact

Your work will directly contribute to scientific discovery, environmental protection, and the future of sustainable ocean exploration.

Enjoy a vibrant work environment

We prioritize work-life balance and offer a fun, collaborative, and supportive atmosphere where you can be yourself and thrive.

Business Development Manager

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